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Team work: 10 tools to ensure successful collaborations

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A Child Like ME

Reaching the community one person at a time with helpful resources. Removing any and all barriers to achieve maximum growth.




©2019 by “A Child Like Me”. Proudly created with

Frequently asked questions


What service do u provide?

We provide help to the community to eliminate everyday barriers, Our goal is to positively add help and resources to a person life that will promote, change, and healing for maximum growth.

How are donations applied to services?

Donations are used to purchase and provide items and services needed to help persons in the community.

How can I Donate?

Donations can be received threw site using the donate button at top of page.

Can I volunteer?

Yes volunteering is encouraged and welcomed!

Whom does this site help?

Persons in the community children and adults needing help with barriers.

What does the Name "A Child Like Me" mean?

"A Child Like Me " Represent my life and the issues I faced as a child,this is a personal mission to help any and everyone who has been effected by abuse , of any form and address the residues that are left behind.

How can you be contacted?

Please feel free to email and your call will be returned promptly.

Do you only Help Abuse victims?

No this is community based and is designed to help, all persons facing barriers we want to help as many people as we can.

Why do you help others?

I have a passion for helping persons in need, I know this is what I'm suppose to be doing with my life,nothing brings me more joy than helping someone in need.

What does the butterfly represent?

The butterfly is a symbol of endurnance,change, hope and life, they are a wonderful reminder that transformation has and will take place!

How can I purchase a t- shirt?

Email your request with shipping information and after payment has been received your order will be shipped.

Do you have a facebook and a instgram page?

At this time we have an instagram page @ _achildlikeme with a new facebook page coming soon.

What are some examples of your help to the community?

1. Donated free school supplies to children in need. 2. Provided free hair cuts. 3. Feed the homeless. The presented need is what we service.